Behbud Association, Karachi organized its first ever Open House for Behbuds patrons, corporate donors and guests. This occasion was graced by more than 77 guests along with Behbud’s own members as volunteering helpers. The program kicked off with a welcome note by Behbud’s newly elected President, Mrs. Naheed Viqar following which the guests were taken on a tour of the various projects in-progress at the facility. The visitors got to see the Health Services, Education and Vocational Training department, where they interacted with our students, teachers, staff, patients and volunteering members. It was an extremely enthralling and exciting day to have so many people keenly interested about our association. We greatly appreciate and thank all attendees for their presence and positive feedback. Visitors were invited to become part of Behbud’s “Bano Zariya Kisi Ki Zindagi Badalnay Ka” by becoming a volunteer at Behbud Association Karachi.