Adnan, 21 year old male was brought by his mother on a wheelchair , to our Behbud TB clinic mehmoodabad.
He was ill for the past four months with complains of backache, fever and shortness of breath.
His illness had increased day by day and he was totally bedridden and unable to walk when he came to our clinic.

His investigations included blood tests, chest X-ray and X-ray spine . Based on the results of the tests and clinical examination, he was diagnosed with TB spine and there was pleural effusion (fluid in the lung) in the lungs also.
Further confirmation was done by MRI of the spine.

He was started on anti tubercular medicine for one year . His condition improved so drastically that after 6 months of treatment he was able to stand . His pleural effusion (fluid in the lung) also subsided , which was causing his shortness of breath.
His treatment continued for one year and now the patient is healthy, able to walk and work again.

This is just one of the success stories of Behbud TB clinic.