Hameed Khan was born in an underprivileged home.  His father drove a rickshaw and there were many mouths to feed.  At the age of 4, Hameed had an accident because of which he was permanently disabled in one leg.

Hameed was a very bright child and his father wanted him to get educated.  Actually he wanted Hameed to become a doctor. But poverty and disability stood in the way.  Hameed was enrolled into a nearby government school.

Hameed was intelligent enough to see all the faults of the school.   But there was no way out.  He had heard about Behbud Boys School but it was too far for him to walk. When he became old enough and strong enough to walk there he applied for admission. He passed the test and was admitted into Class 9.

Behbud  Boys  School gave Hameed all the encouragement he needed.  He blossomed under the expert and caring teaching style.  Two years later he passed the Metric exam in A-1 Grade.

Hameed went on with his dream and passed the Intermediate exam with such high marks that he got admission at Dow medical College on merit.

But Behbud and Hameed are still together.  For the 5 years of medical college Behbud will help Hameed financially.  Hameed will become Dr. Hameed with Allah’s help, his parents prayers and the support of Behbud.