One of Many Success Stories is Shehrbano

Behbuds TB Clinic is a success story in Karachi, Pakistan which helps keep girls like Shehrbano who is seventeen years old, healthy and free of tuberculosis (TB).The clinic is open for both women and men.

Shehrbano’s mother grew up in poverty, and had to leave school as a child to take care of her siblings. She left home when she married, but her husband passed away when Shehrbano was just 4 years old. Facing destitution, she decided to move her family back to her parents home, who were barely making ends meet themselves.

Unfortunately, throughout Pakistan TB is a disease of poverty. Shehrbano was brought to Behbud’s TB Clinic after she had been suffering for two months with fevers, cough and general malaise. She also felt ashamed about telling anyone about her illness due to stigmas associated with the disease. But Behbud TB Clinic’s trained staff have worked tirelessly with her for the past six months and supported her throughout her treatment.

She now speaks openly about her TB. Her renewed confidence and well being is ray of hope in her impoverished community. Shehrbano has been deemed cured.

Behbud’s TB program was initiated in the year 2000. It follows the WHO guidelines of the TB “DOTS” method. Even though a 85% cure rate is the WHO target, Behbud has consistently achieved higher cure rates.