Story of Tuberculosis: Renewed Hope

Anjel, a 14 year old eighth grade student, came to Behbud T.B. Clinic Mehmoodabad for treatment. Anjel’s mother was distraught over her daughter’s illness as she was suffering from chronic cough and fever, intermittently throughout the past year. Anjel was unable to do much and her education was also suffering.

Anjel’s mother had sought medical help previously on various occasions but none of the General Physicians were able to provide lasing treatment for her condition. No proper diagnosis was made and the doctors just prescribed antibiotics which only served as temporary relief. Anjel’s symptoms re-emerged and she developed chronic cough and fever with fatigue.

At the Behbud Association, Karachi, T.B Clinic she was given the most commonly used examination method of sputum microscopy. When the results came she was diagnosed with pulmonary T.B. Immediately anti-tubular treatment was carried out. Behbud strictly follows the patients through their 6-8 months of treatment period so that they follow through with taking the medicine. In the case of Anjel, after the treatment period had elapsed she was cured.

Today she is again a bouncy, eager student and her mother is happy and relieved.