On March 28th 2018 – March 31st 2018 Behbud Association, Karachi recently held 4 eagerly awaited “Annual Result Days”. For Behbud Association, Karachi this marks another milestone in its 48th year history of empowering women and children by educating them in and around the kachi abadis of Karachi.
Behbud held the annual result and prize distribution ceremonies for Behbud Boys Secondary and Behbud Girls Secondary at its Clifton Complex as well as for Behbud Secondary School and Behbud Primary School near Kalapul. The top students in each grade were awarded prizes and appreciated for all their hard work and effort.
Parents were invited to the grand events. There were speeches made by the President of Behbud Association, Karachi, Mrs. Bushra Pervaiz Kauser. Other chief speakers at the ceremonies included the Behbud Secondary School, Kalapul, chairperson, Ms Zeeba Zafar, Behbud Boys Secondary School (Clifton) chairperson, Mrs. Perween Alam; Behbud Girls Secondary School (Clifton), Mrs. Tanvir Iftikhar Khawaja; and a founding member, and chairperson of Literacy Classes, Ms. Khadjiah Manzoor. Present at the event were alumni and guests who praised the tireless efforts of the Behbud teaching staff and the commitment of Behbud Association, Karachi, to quality education.
During the ceremonies, students performed skits and songs. There were presentations made by the teachers highlighting the school activities. Behbud believes education is the foundation of empowerment and progress. Guiding a child to reach his/her full potential in life is a sacred trust. The curriculum not only develops students’ academic potential but also guides their moral and ethical training along with a strong foundation in etiquettes and manners.
You too can share in helping these underprivileged students attain success and a better life. For Rs. 18,000 you can support the education of one child for a whole year. These children are deserving of your zakat.
Behbud Association, Karachi thanks all donors for their generous support.