Moving towards better opportunities

Hafeeza didn’t know how much her life was going to change when she first came to Behbud Association, Karachi. She started visiting the Behbud clinics to get reliable medical treatment at affordable cost for herself and her children. She then got employment at the Behbud School wing in the janitorial services.

She would drop her young son at the nursery class of the school when she came to work. Soon she realized that the schools were providing quality education and transferred her older boys to Behbud Schools from the government schools that they had been attending.

The older boys undertook apprenticeships, under a car mechanics and electrician, in the mornings and continued to study in the Behbud Boys Secondary School which started at 1 pm.  Hafeeza’s younger boy and girl attended the Behbud Schools and also joined the Behbud Computer Courses to improve themselves. The atmosphere of the Behbud schools was such that none of her children thought of dropping out and truncating their education.

“The school system here is really good with efficient teaching staff and system. I cannot be more satisfied or happier. If Behbud did not support me and my children they wouldn’t be where they are,” according to Hafeeza. She further elaborated that her children learned much more than academics from Behbud Schools.

Not only did Hafeeza benefit from Behbud, both by becoming healthy and getting employment, but her family also gained long-term benefits.  As one can observe, the services provided by Behbud Association, Karachi, are diverse and holistic and impact the entire family in a positive manner.