There are countless TB success stories that come to mind but some stay with us because of the remarkable recovery and subsequent improvement in a person’s life.

One such success story is that of Kanwal, a young vibrant woman, who had the insight to visit the Mehmoodabad Behbud TB clinic near her home. She complained of reddish colored nodules and ulceration on both feet for the past three months. She had been to different GPs and had completed many treatment courses that they had prescribed, but her symptoms persisted. The family finances had been drained, Kanwal felt hopeless and defeated. Her visit to the TB clinic was her last hope.

Due to the severe infection and the nodules on her feet, it was very painful for her to wear shoes or sandals. Kanwal worked to support her household and it had become nearly impossible for her to go to her job. The impact on her family was devastating.

With the consultation of Behbud TB Clinic skin specialist, she was diagnosed with skin TB. Immediately she was given anti-tuberculosis drugs at the Behbud TB clinic. After a few months of constant and correct treatment, the infected nodules started healing and she was able to walk and resume her normal daily routine.

Her treatment continued for six months and the infected nodules disappeared. She is now completely cured.

One of many Behbud TB clinic success stories.