On May 28, 2018 An MOU was signed between Behbud Association Karachi and i-Care. This partnership will support in channeling all donation from USA to Behbud Association. Not only will this allow donations to come in seamlessly from abroad, i-Care will provide a tax exemption certificate for USA donors.

Friends of Behbud residing in the USA can now easily transfer their donations through i-Care using any one of the following options:

  1. Donate online through PayPal or through Credit cards by filling the form below:http://i-care-america.org/donation-2/?general-donation=1&org=Behbud%20Association%20Karachi&amount=0
  2. Through cheque:
    • Write a cheque in favor of “The i-Care Fund America, Inc.”
    • In the memo, you must write: “Behbud Association, Karachi.”
    • Deposit it in the nearest Bank of America branch (Account Number: 4636612240)
      Send your donation checks through normal mail service (NOT through priority, special, courier or registered mail) to: 139 Charles Street, #348 Boston, MA 02114, USA.
  3. Through remittance:
    For the account of
    The i-Care Fund America Inc.,
    Bank: Bank of America
    Branch Address:
    Charles River Park, 161 Cambridge Street, Boston MA 02114
    Account Number: 4636612240
    ABA Routing Number: 011000138
    Swift Code #: BOFAUS3N
    Wire Transfer #: 026009593