Syeda has been working for Behbud for three decades. At first, her father was not supportive of her getting an education or learning a skill. She used to get vocational training only during the time that the father was away at work in Saudi Arabia. When the need arose to convince her father to allow her to work full time at Behbud, it was Behbud members who convinced him. Now Syeda is an important part of the Behbud Mehmoodabad Center.

She had come to know about Behbud through people who were involved with the institute in some way or worked there. The Gift Shop project had started and was hiring at that time. In 1986 she started her job at the Gift Shop. While she was working there she came to know about the vocational trainings that were provided by Behbud and became interested in skill development. She had basic sewing and cutting know-how but did not have any formal education in this field. She enrolled in certificate and diploma courses separately at the Industrial Home, which is affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education.

When she gained formal education in her field she was employed at the Behbud Mehmoodabad Vocational Centre as a supervisor. She deals with order work, quality control, in which she completed a course, sponsored by Behbud, and raw material management.  “Behbud is what has brought me to my present position”, Syeda says.

Unlike her father, her husband is supportive and wants his children to be educated. Both Syeda and her husband work. But it is Sayeda’s income that is earmarked for the children’s education. She told us that she saves her income and spends it only for tuition fees and other related expenses. Syeda has now been able to buy a house in Gulshan.

Syeda was able to gain better life opportunities and move forward with the help of Behbud.  She not only became skilled and began earning but also received constant emotional and psychological support at Behbud. And it is not Syeda alone who benefits from being a part of Behbud, but, through her, her entire family has been lifted up.