Wasila, a 40-year old woman came to the Behbud TB clinic with a lump in her left breast. The lump had been there for over a year. She had lost her appetite, dropped considerable weight and felt tired all the time. She had been getting the fever, on and off, for 2 months.

After a thorough physical examination, a chest X-ray and blood CP (all available under one roof at the Behbud TB clinic at Clifton Center), a biopsy of the lump was sent for testing.

Wasila’s biopsy came out positive for tuberculosis. She was then counseled about TB and its treatment and was started on anti-tuberculosis treatment. She was continuously assessed and monitored throughout her 6 months treatment period.

At the end of her treatment, her lump had disappeared. She was eating well and her fatigue was a thing of the past. In fact, she had a weight gain of 7 Kgs. She went home happy and healthy.

She now brings in many patients from her locality, neighbors and relatives, when they are unwell due to any fever, cough or lump anywhere in the body. This is what any center hopes to achieve. Behbud TB clinic’s aim has always been to counsel and treats the patients with empathy so that they spread the word about TB and the efficacy of its treatment.